Entrepreneurial mindset will enable students to


Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the youth of India

Entrepreneurs add to the growing economic development of our country, especially when we will have a maximum number of the working-age population (15-59 years old) by 2022. 


Many developed nations, such as Denmark, Spain, Finland, have implemented entrepreneurship education right from the primary school level. It has enabled the youngsters to be critical thinkers and innovators, better preparing them to succeed in the 21st century. 


India is a nation of young people and is ranked 48th in the Global Innovation Index. We need to infuse innovative thinking from a young age and develop our upcoming generations to become job-providers, rather than job-seekers. Karmyo Foundation is on a mission to nurture future Change Makers and Innovators in India.

We are developing an entrepreneurial mindset among youngsters by providing practical and real-life entrepreneurial experience.


The best method of entrepreneurship education is to encourage young people to ideate, launch and manage their own 'startup ventures'. We work with students, delivering our proprietary program by expert facilitators.  The students undergo an entire cycle of creating their 'mini-companies' and pitching to professionals, thereby developing entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets amongst the participants.


Only 15% of the graduates in India are employable

80% of the students in India

lack access to experiential learning

12 million people are ready for a job in India every year, / 5.5. A million jobs are created